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Jyotirmoy School of Education (JSE) is the best B.Ed college In Kolkata, approved by the National Council for teacher Education (NCTE) and affiliated to West Bengal University of Teachers Training Education Planning & Administration (WBUTTEPA). It is situated at Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, Kalikapur, Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, on a 22 acre lush-green campus. It is one of the best B.Ed Colleges in West Bengal.

Jyotirmoy School of Education, the best B.Ed College in Kolkata, is perceived as one of the best colleges for purusing B.Ed in West Bengal and the southern suburbs of Kolkata, and without doubt, is the best colleges in South 24 Parganas. . This is among the best B.Ed College in Kolkata as it trains its students under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers. Jyotirmoy School of Education offers advanced facilities on its campus and promises to produce skilful teachers.....

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Our Units

The aim of the school is to bring about an all-round development and growth of each child. We at JPS (The Asian School for Excellence)

Quality improvement in teachers education. The college intends to provide competency based and commitment oriented teacher education for quality

JPITI will be widely recognized as one of the top-ten self -financed ITI institutes in India, and a model

Jyotirmoy School of Law is an initiative of Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation which was established in the year 2008 law...

Jyotirmoy School of Business (JSB), one of the top B Schools in Kolkata in the eastern region is an initiative of Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare.

Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the President of JEWF started a preparatory and junior school, JYOTI SHISHU VIHAR. The aim of the

National and International Exposure


A relevant Webinar session for the Students and Teachers was organised by JYOTIRMOY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (JSE) on the topic- "IMPACT OF VIRTUAL CLASSROOM ON STUDENTS' MENTAL HEALTH WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2020" scheduled on 24 July, 2021 at 2:00 PM.

In this Webinar, the Welcome address given by Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Founder and President of Jyotirmoy Education and Welfare Foundation. Dr. Ganguli extended his warm welcome speech to participants about the Students' Mental Health and Virtual Classes. He thanked Dr. Kausik Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Satyapriya Roy College of Education, Programme in charge, IGNOU & Co-ordinator, NAAC; Dr. Amit Chakrabarty,Counselling Psychologist, Mental Health Activist, Recipient of National Award of Science Popularization, 2020 and Smt. Baisali Basu (Roy Choudhury),...

International Conference

The International Conference for Teachers(ICFT) is conducted to make a modest attempt to analyze and identify actionable areas with a view to improve the overall quality of academic delivery.
The Conference is conducted with the following objectives:

  • To bring the school education under the periphery of the global scenario.
  • To create and support a forum to connect teachers,educational policy makers and practitioners for the purpose of rethinking education in the age of globalisation and information
  • To exchange ideas and experience in the use of educational technologies.
  • To encourage explorations, experimentation to push the potential of the technology and communications for more effective learning.
  • To encourage and engage in collaborative schemes [Kunming & Kolkata] for the development of educational curriculum - related strategies and policies that can be used to achieve expertise.
  • To enhance participants’ understanding of the inter–relationships between local & global issues.
  • To develop a critical understanding of the difficult but necessary process of globalization in rural areas.
  • To focus on globalization and its impact on Human Resource & Development.
  • To portray effectively ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘what we intend to do’.

News & Events


"আবার হবে তো দেখা"

"আবার হবে তো দেখা" ....a farewell program of B.Ed Session 2021-23 is organised by Sem II students..... glimpses of...

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"Workshop on TLM making"

"Workshop on TLM making" held on 25.07.2023 in JSE Auditorium. Teaching Learning Material which is an integral part of B.Ed Curriculu...

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"শাসনে যতই ঘেরো আছে বল দুর্বলেরও"

Today (18.07.2023) we have organised an awareness programme based on B.Ed course curriculum Gender, School and Society (Course- VI,1.4.6, ...

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